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lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

How To Naturally Lose Weight With Proper Training

Losing weight can be an extremely complicated and confusing endeavor. Just going into any bookstore, you will be presented with more ways to diet and exercise than you thought possible. From vegetable diets, to juice fasts to donut diets (ok I made that last one up), there seems to be an endless supply of ways to lose weight.

Whichever diet you may choose, one thing is pretty much a given. The best way to lose weight is to add in some kind of exercise to any weight loss plan you decide on.

I’ll show you the simple basics you need to know so that whatever diet you choose, you’ll know the best exercises that will accompany them.

One huge misconception people have with exercise is that the exercises themselves aren’t directly responsible for the weight loss. Doing exercises increases your base metabolism, which is in turn is responsible for your consistent and easy weight loss.

If you have no muscle mass, and you are all skin, bones, and blubber, you aren’t likely to have a very high metabolism. When you eat food, most of it will be stored directly as fat, which will make it even worse.

When you raise your metabolism, you increase the energy your body burns just from doing your regular everyday activities. This means you can eat a little bit more, and not have to worry about gaining weight.

What’s the best method for this? Do exercises that increase lean muscle mass. Most women are afraid of doing weight training, because they are scared of becoming some bodybuilding monster. But that won’t likely happen, unless you really try hard.

There are two main things to consider when building lean, sexy, muscle mass. One is to do a large number of repetitions in whatever exercise you are doing, with a less amount of weight. The second is to use your own body weight whenever possible. Sit ups, pushups, pull ups, and any yoga that you know how to do is perfect.

It may take some time, but when you start to develop lean muscle mass, you will not only burn fat while you’re sitting around, but you’ll drastically increase how sexy you look.

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