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giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

Effective Weight Training Methods For Runners

Weight training is one such topic that results in differing opinions and views from people. You might come across one such runner who dedicates his or her good work completely to weight training, while some may be of the opinion that there are other techniques that can work better for them.

The general view about weight training is that it is effective in improving the runner’s ability. Before making the decision if it should be adopted or not, one can measure the strengths and weaknesses and decide what would suit them more. Most importantly, when it is necessary to know what exercises are meant to be done by runners so that only those are followed.

Make it a point of not adding up much weight to the body, as this will make you slow. Work on your arms so that they have the strength to lunge your legs ahead.

Experience works better here, as people who have tried it out know well that it has greatly helped them in getting rid of calories. Once you lose weight it becomes easier to carry around the lighter body.

Reduction in one’s calories takes place if exercises are done regularly. As the body becomes light in weight, it gains more speed while being in motion. In addition, weight training helps in preventing one from being injured easily while running.

For the sake of arguing, one may consider the negative aspect of weight training being that it makes one’s life inconvenient by having to go to the gym regularly, and being a member. Also managing time in such a way that one can exercise regularly each day is not easy.

Exercising more than one can actually handle does more harm than good. This is because one may end up being so worn out, that he or she may hardly have the strength left to walk, let alone run. Besides, repetition of exercises results in the body being unable to get any rest, which can lead to total burn out. These are the concerns which people usually have, making them doubtful about weight training.

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