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domenica 17 ottobre 2010

Gym Training Vs Home Training

I somewhat reluctantly relocated from my beloved Dublin to Liverpool recently because of work and was in two minds whether to re-join a health club or try to keep fit at home and/or join a local sports team.

I used to attend a Dublin gym so I know the benefits and hindrances attending a gym has upon your life and lifestyle. So this article takes you through my thoughts before ultimately coming to a decision. Hopefully this can be helpful for those in a similar situation.

I am by no means a fitness freak; I work hard at staying the same shape and push my will power to its limits by attending a gym three times a week, which is what I used to do in Dublin so I guess I can keep the same pace up for a Liverpool gym.

One obvious hindrance of joining a gym would be the monthly membership fee and the joining fee. However clearly the alternative to a gym membership would incur some cost whether it be home sports gym, sports equipment or the costs of joining a sports team.

There is also a certain amount of dedication that comes with joining a sports team as it is necessary to attend each training session as well as match days. For some this would not fit into their busy lifestyle but it would force you to exercise weekly.

The dedication regarding consistently and frequently attending team events is only part of the commitment as match days often occur on a weekend which restricts your lifestyle choices.

So weighing up all the advantages and disadvantages of joining a gym or a sports team I have come to the decision to take advantage of a cheap no commitment short membership deal to my local gym (which is very nice) and I will investigate the possibility of joining a local sports team in the mean time. This three month period I will be able to get a better idea of how I would cope giving up my weekends etc…

I hope this helps people in the same situation as me – whether to join a gym or a local sports team.

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