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martedì 5 ottobre 2010

How To Lose Man-Boobs

There are many of reasons of “male-boobs”, but being overweight or a hormone disproportion are two of the very most frequent. So as to discover how to lose men boobs, you first have to find out the cause of your problem.
Should you be not morbidly overweight, then your male boobs are most likely brought on by low testosterone. If this describes the case, you ought to check with your medical practitioner about hormonal supplements or dietary changes. Also, heavy exercise will increase testosterone production naturally.
Excess fat collects on our bodies in various ways. Women’s bodies tend to store body fat on their lower Extremities: hips, thighs and buttocks. Men on the other hand, have a tendency to store body fat on their upper bodies: stomach, upper body and back.
The obvious answer to how to lose man boobs is exercise and diet . . . just like any other weight loss and bodybuilding program! Exercise will help condition the muscles, and more muscle tissue will help burn more fat, both stored and ingested.
Diet will help your body burn stored body fat and you won’t be overeating of all the things that almost certainly brought on the problem to start with. Your dieting and exercise often can be very specific to address the problem of male boobs, and also the excess fat stored elsewhere on your body.
Spot reducing is a myth from the early days of physical fitness clubs. These clubs perpetuated the myth due to the vast sum of money it generated. They were filled with vibrating belt machines, hip-rollers and other contraptions that mechanically agitated specific body parts.
If these clinics had any successes, it was due to a diet regimen, not their flash vibrating belt machines.
Today we know that fat is stored pretty equally in those key areas subject to that storage. Any good nutrition program will reduce that body fat about as evenly as it is stored. So, if you wish to diet away those man breasts, you will lose body fat in other areas as well. This isn’t a bad thing.
Exercising your chest muscles will make them grow underneath your men breasts. You may be firmer, but until you lose the fat, you will still have the problem.
This is how to lose those men boobs. This is a good program of nutrition and exercise that will strengthen your body and reduce your overall body body fat.
The Exercise Program Strength training will increase your strength and muscle size. Your program must include exercises for all body parts.
Unlike a serious bodybuilding program where massive size is the goal, your program will divide the lower and upper body workouts into alternate days.
The upper body will be worked on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The lower body will be exercised on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday you rest. You will perform three sets of each exercise, many of them for 10 repetitions.
* Wide-Grip Bench Press
* Wide-Grip Incline Barbell Press
* Wide-Grip Decline Barbell Press
* Dumbbell Flies on Flat Bench
Shoulder muscles
* Standing Barbell Press
* Upright Rowing with a Barbell
* Front Dumbbell Raises
* Lateral Dumbbell Raises
* Lat Machine Pull-Downs
* Seated Rowing with Cable-And-Pulley Machine
* Bent Over Rowing with a Barbell
* Pull-Ups on the Chinning Bar
Biceps and triceps
* Biceps Curls with Easy-Curl-Bar
* Triceps Press Downs on Cable-And-Pulley Machine
* Preacher Bench Curls with Easy-Curl-Bar
* Triceps Presses on Flat Bench
* Concentration Curls with a Dumbbell, alternating arms
* Bent Over Triceps Extensions
The Nutrition Regime
Caloric intake for an active person is dependent upon age and gender. Consult with your physician about your daily calorie limits.
Calories need to come from protein (25%), carbohydrates (40%), fats and fibers (35%). No refined carbohydrates are allowed: No sugar, starches, refined grains or artificial sweeteners. Carbs must come from natural, unprocessed vegetables and fruit.
Health proteins need to come from eggs, milk, organ meats (liver, heart, kidneys, sweetbreads), beef, pork, poultry and fish.
Fats should come from foods high in protein and soluble oils such as olive oil, wheat germ oil and walnut oil.
Fiber will range from vegetables and fruit.
Supplements you might wish to take: Health proteins powder, amino acid are the building blocks of proteins (Lipo3 Compound is an excellent one as lipotropic amino acids assist the body metabolize excess fat), desiccated liver and kelp tablets.
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