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giovedì 23 settembre 2010

Controlling Your Eating And Exercise

Want to lose fat? Exercise

Alright, we just covered the IN side. To achieve a negative balance, you also need to work on the OUT side. Exercise will increase your OUT in three ways. First, you spend energy during the activity. Second, your body spends energy after the activity during about 48 hr to recover from it (to repair muscle and restock energy stores). Third, in the long run and as you slowly build muscle, it increases your base energy expenditure (also called resting metabolic rate, read The Caloric Balance for the full story).

Also, noticed how the title is “lose fat” and not “lose weight”? This is because part of the weight lost in negative energy balance is muscle. As we’ve just seen, muscle help increase your OUT by raising your base energy expenditure, so you want to keep your muscle mass intact as much as possible. Exercise, especially weight lifting, will do just that. In short, by exercising during a period of negative energy balance, you ensure that you’re actually losing fat, and not muscle.


No “regular” action step for this one. Once you’re started and comfortable with the cardio and abdominal training programs, if you want to speed progress up, do additional weight lifting. A basic weight lifting program must include the Bench Press, the Squat, the Deadlift and Pullups. These lifts are described at For a comprehensive guide on weight training, I recommend getting a copy of Body Building Revealed. It is, to my knowledge, the web’s best source of information on the topic.

Tame your hunger

Eating has become mechanical. Oftentimes, we eat even if we’re not hungry. We eat socially (e.g., restaurant). We eat for pleasure (that chocolate bar). We eat out of anger, or because we feel empty.

Are you eating right now? Are you hungry right now?

If you answered yes to the first question, I hope you also answered yes to the second. Maybe you didn’t: we often eat without being hungry. This inevitably leads to overeating, which, repeated over time, becomes a habit. And the more you overeat, the more likely you’ll become overweight. The body knows exactly how much energy it needs. So, listening to your body and to your hunger is the first step toward better eating habits. It’s the focus of this tip and the next few.


“Am I hungry?” Ask yourself this question next time you’re about to eat. If you’re not, delay that meal or take a tiny serving. After all, you’re not hungry: this food is headed straight your fat stores.


Develop the habit of asking yourself if you’re hungry before you eat anything. You’ll be surprised. When not hungry, skip the meal or take a smaller serving.

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