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giovedì 23 settembre 2010

Cheap Exercise Tips For Those On A Tight Budget

Exercise is vital to our overall health and wellbeing, but many of us get hardly any. Many just aren’t motivated, but just as many can’t afford it.

Add together the price of a gym membership, a few pieces of equipment for home use, the correct shoes and gear and possibly the services of a personal trainer, and it’s no wonder that so many think they can’t afford to get fit. The fact of it is that you can get fit for free, or for very little.

Being frugal when in comes to exercising doesn’t mean that you are missing out on anything and you are saving all that money too. It shouldn’t cost us to lose weight and get fit, that defeats the purpose of the exercise if you ask me. You will want a new wardrobe to show off your new figure, but you will have spent all your money getting it and it will be hidden under your now, too big ,clothes.

Take yourself out for a long walk or a run. This will greatly benefit your health and fitness and is completely free.

Many people lay out a lot of money on gym equipment for their homes, then quickly lose interest and they stand gathering dust. Check the classified ads to pick up dome great bargains.

Your circle of friends can prove invaluable when trying to track down second hand gym equipment for the home. Also check out ads for garage sales and have a look around these. You can pick up great quality equipment for pennies, they are just glad to get rid of them.

A couple of gallon cartons of milk, as well as cans can easily be used as weights so make use of them.

Doing everyday jobs around your home such as raking the leaves in your yard will raise a sweat and burn calories.

Find a suitable space in your home and do some push ups and press ups. Free, easy and effective.

If you want a structured exercise program, get yourself one of the many free exercise videos available on the internet.

After reading this, nobody should be throwing their money away on getting fit. Do these free ones and you will soon feel the benefits and go along way towards reaching your goal.

Besides Exercise, the author also regularly publishes information regarding elliptical exercise machine and fitness equipment.

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