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martedì 2 novembre 2010

Losing Weight By Following Four Simple Rules

To me, Paul McKenna just a hypnotist trying to make a quick fortune – I’d tried hypnosis before and pretty much laughed/yawned all the way through it so I certainly wasn’t going to fall for this. However, I bought a copy of his weight loss book when I saw it on special offer.

The main guidelines of the plan are four rules. The first rule is to eat only when you feel hungry. McKenna explains in the book how starving the body actually makes you put on weight and also what the secret of thin people’s success in maintaining their weight is – they only eat when they’re genuinely hungry. Pretty obvious no, but easier said than done of course.

The next rule is to eat what you want, not what you think you should. This may seem like a very counter-productive rule if you are used to watching what you eat and calorie counting. However, the point behind this is that as soon as you deprive yourself of something you upset the natural balance of your relationship with it. It controls you rather than you control it so you need to break this distructive pattern.

Next, eat consciously and slowly so you taste every mouthful. McKenna makes a good point about overeaters – you obsess about food constantly until the second you are eating it when you wolf it down without even tasting it. If we take time to really slow down and eat slowly without distractions you help your body to break down the food and so you feel fuller and more satisfied after each meal.

Rule 4 is that once you think you are full, stop eating. Another very obvious thing, but we’re so used to having to clear our plates and only believe we are really full when we feel bloated that we regularly carry on eating way after we’ve actually had enough. McKenna explains how to measure your hunger on the hunger scale, to avoid waiting until you’re ravenous to eat and how to feel whether you’re full or not.

So, do the rules actually work? Well yes they do although it does take a while to adapt to the new way of think. I’ve definitely lost weight though and I haven’t gone without or felt deprived.

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