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venerdì 5 novembre 2010

How To Avoid Weight Gain When Quitting Smoking

Many smokers who want to quit fear that they will gain weight when they quit smoking. This is not true, it is not the quitting that will make the smoker overweight but the habit that he will develop is the one that will make him so during the withdrawal stage. This idea should be avoided and corrected in the mind of the smoker.

Two factors are to be considered why a smoker becomes overweight when he has successfully quit smoking. If these factors are not corrected, this will result to a negative eating habit which will result in becoming obese. This should be avoided because stopping a negative habit by replacing it with another is not what quitting smoking is all about.

Once a smoker quits smoking for a day or two, the recovery of the human body is quite amazing. One great improvement that will happen to the smoker is his ability to taste better. After years of smoking, the taste buds of the smoker is no longer functioning as it should be, but once the smoker quits, immediately an improvement can be felt in his taste buds.

After depriving the smoker of the real taste of food, he will soon discover the pleasure in eating. Once he finds enjoyment in doing this he will soon develop the habit of eating. This is why eating candies, gum, chips and junk food are not advised during the withdrawal stage. Not only will the smoker find great pleasure in eating he will also develop another negative habit replacing his once cursed smoking habit.

There are positive things that can be done during the withdrawal period. Drinking plenty of water is one of them and this is a positive habit once it is developed. In my experience, I was successful to ward of those nicotine urges by drinking plenty of water. Although at times I find eating uncontrollable, I always did my best to avoid developing the habit of unhealthy eating.

There are other healthy activities that will help control the smoking urges of the smoker during his withdrawal period. The smoker can enroll in certain fitness programs or he can indulge himself in walking or running. These activities not only will help the smoker away from his nicotine addiction he will also develop a healthy lifestyle by acquiring a healthy habit which is exercise.

Whether you are smoking or not, if you develop the habit of unhealthy eating you will become obese and overweight. Quitting smoking has nothing to do with it, it’s the habit of eating that you will develop during the withdrawal stage that’s going to cause it. It’s time to set you free, take the first step, and quit smoking today.

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